Saturday, July 1, 2017

Robert “Bob” Huemoeller

Born 1939 in Fairmont, MN
Currently Living in Fairmont, MN
U.S. Navy Vietnam-Era Veteran

Robert “Bob” Huemoeller’s dream was to become a U.S. Navy pilot, but as he remembered, “flight school and me didn’t get along.”

Bob was 22 years-old when he enlisted in the Navy in September 1961. He headed to Navy OCS (Officer Candidate School) following boot camp. After he received his commission in January 1962, Bob attended nuclear weapons school in San Diego, CA. He was ready to go overseas to serve during the Vietnam War.

As a freshly-minted Navy ensign, Bob was assigned to the World War-II era U.S.S. Coral Sea CV-43, a 968-foot aircraft carrier, nicknamed the ‘Ageless Warrior.’ Bob worked as an administrative officer aboard the ship. Because he never set foot in Vietnam, Bob is considered a Vietnam-era veteran.

“The most interesting thing about my tour of duty was I cruised all through the Western Pacific,” Bob recalled. “I got to see all these different places, like Hawaii, Australia, Guam, Hong Kong, Japan, and the Philippines.”

Bob separated from the Navy in 1965, honorably discharged as a lieutenant junior grade. Once stateside as a civilian, Bob relocated to Arizona for about 15 years before returning to Fairmont, working as a CPA.