Monday, February 22, 2016

Albert Jordan
Age 96
Born in 1920 in Winnebago, MN
Now lives in Truman, MN
U.S. Army Air Force World War II Veteran

Albert Jordan was 20 years old when he joined the U.S. Army Air Force to fight in World War II following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Jordan was assigned duty with the 81st Air Depot Group stationed in the South Pacific theater. He worked with the repair squadron in New Zealand, Australia and “on all those islands with the jungle names” that he can't remember now. “That was way too long ago,” the veteran admits. “We were supposed to be working on airplanes, but ended up repairing them and everything else that needed fixing,” Jordan recalls.

Jordan served about three and a half years with the Army Air Force, until the war ended in 1945. After being discharged from the service, he returned to his home town and “did all kinds of labor” to make ends meet. He eventually hired on as a police officer in Winnebago and later in Blue Earth, MN working in law enforcement until his retirement.

Image and Story © 2016 Joseph Kreiss Photography